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Pregnancy is an ideal time to start yoga. The postures for beginners are simpler than most people imagine.It sounds like a healthy practice to adopt during pregnancy -- and it is. But what specifically can yoga do to help you feel great and stay calm during the most important nine months of your life

Pregnancy yoga can be a great way to prepare for childbirth. 

What happens during a typical prenatal yoga class?

A typical prenatal yoga class might involve:

  •   Breathing. You'll be encouraged to focus on breathing in and out slowly and deeply through the nose. Prenatal yoga breathing techniques might help you reduce or manage shortness of breath during pregnancy and work through contractions during labor.


  •   Gentle stretching. You'll be encouraged to gently move different areas of your body, such as your neck and arms, through their full range of motion.


  •   Postures. While standing, sitting or lying on the ground, you'll gently move your body into different positions aimed at developing your strength, flexibility and balance. Props — such as blankets, cushions and belts — might be used to provide support and comfort.


  •   Cool down and relaxation. At the end of each prenatal yoga class, you'll relax your muscles and restore your resting heart rate and breathing rhythm. You might be encouraged to listen to your own breathing, pay close attention to sensations, thoughts and emotions, or repeat a mantra or word to bring about a state of self-awareness and inner calm.

  •          Improve sleep
  •          Reduce stress and anxiety
  •          Increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth
  •          Decrease lower back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, headaches and shortness of breath

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