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Rasayana is a unique and special Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy that helps you keep your body young and agile, boosts your vitality, strengthens your immune system and increases your mental & physical abilities. A combination of classic Ayurvedic treatments with oils and herbs are used to massage and calm your entire body. Special treatments are given to specific parts of the body like the forehead, the eyes and the face. 

This therapy regenerates cells, heals bones & nerves, promotes calmness of mind, slows down the ageing process and cures various problems associated with aging. Other great benefits include enhanced blood circulation, deep detoxification and youthful glowing skin!

Who is this package suitable for

One does not need to be suffering from any ailment to undergo this therapy. Rasayana aims at preserving health and promoting longevity, so can be taken by anyone who is looking for a rejuvenating experience. This therapy is also given to people suffering with ailments due to its healing properties. 

The rejuvenation journey (Duration: 7 Days or more.)

Your rejuvenation journey will begin with a thorough consultation with one of our expert Ayurvedic doctors who will tailor the package according to your body-mind condition and constitution. The therapy typically includes the following treatments:

1.Dhara (to calm the mind and body to restore health)   

2.Shirodhara: Uninterrupted stream of suitable warm herbal oil on the forehead 

3.Ksheeradhara:Uninterrupted flow of milk prepared with herbs on the forehead

4.Pizhichil: A combination of 2 classic remedies - oleation & sudation

5.Abhyangam:Synchronized full body massage

6.Shiro Abhyangam:Relaxing head massage

7.Kizhi (Poultice massage to relieve pain or stiffness and cleanse toxins)

8.Navarakizhi:Poultice massage with Njavara rice blended with milk & herbs

9.Elakizhi:Poultice massage with leaves and herbs

10.Netratharpanam:Rejuvenating treatment for the eyes

11.Nethrakshalanam: Ayurvedic cleansing treatment for the eyes

12.Face Pack: Application of face pack to treat pimples, pigmentation, blemishes and enhance glow of skin

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