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Shiatsu is a physical therapy that supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. It works on the whole person - not just with the physical body, but also with the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of being.

Shiatsu massage therapy relies on the use the fingers, thumbs and palm to apply pressure to various areas of the body’s surface to help heal common ailments and conditions, and correct imbalances in the body. Pressure applied to points on the body promotes energy flow and corrects disharmonies throughout the patient’s body. In addition to being a deeply relaxing experience, Shiatsu helps relieve stress, treat pain and illness, and contributes to a patient’s overall health and wellbeing.

Shiatsu regulates the automatic nervous system activity and stimulates the circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems. Poor posture, joint problems, sprains, arthritis, sciatica, acute and chronic neck and back pain, sinusitis, and bronchitis are treatable with Shiatsu.

  •   Acute and chronic neck and back pain
  •   Sinusitis and bronchitis
  •   Joint problems and sprains
  •   Arthritis
  •   Sciatica
  •   Restores the nervous, lymphatic, hormonal, and circulatory systems to improve overall health
  •   Aids in the prevention and treatment of illness by stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities
  •   Improves coordination and range of motion and increases stamina and vitality
  •   Reduces blood pressure and heart rate while increasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers

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